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5 latest added tracks to the music archive

Posted by Higen

6    Higen - Angles
6    Higen - Transpolar Express
7    Higen - Lost Angle
7    Higen - My Beauty
7    Higen - Emotional Blender

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Dawn of the Scope!

Posted by Higen

Well.. long time.. you know.. i have been zoo busy updating my Facebook profile.. and hang out with virtual friends.. that i totally forgot this old school .. blog thingy..

Anyway.. small changes to studio setup.. i have started to move back to the scope platform again. This time i am using an external computer which does the scope work, while i am still using my iMac for logic (sequencer)

anyway the gear list is now:

* Crewamware Noah
* Novation Nova
* Waldorf Blofeld
* Emu e6400 Ultra
* MOTU 828mk2 (sound card)
* Korg ES-1
* Technics WSA1
* Akai MPD26 (midi drum pads)
* Some cheaper mic's
* PC computer running Windows 7 and Sonic-Core SCOPE 5.1 with 21 DSP.
* MAC G4 running OS 9 and Sonic-Core SCOPE 4 with 9 DSP.

For now i am using the SCOPE for mastering (with the excellent BRICKWALL limiter from DAS, together with the MasterIT EQ from DAS)

But also during production as a fx box where i use the SC-Plante (Sonic Timeworks).. Great stuff!
I hope that i can utilize it even more, by moving the ADAT i am using today for the Fostex converter and route it to the sonic-core giving me 8 in/out to the sonic-core <--> iMac.

Then i have to connect the last two synths into the creamware..

Anyway.. added a new track to the archive.. My Beauty.. i have 2 others. but they need proper naming and id3 tag before adding them.


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Studio on youtube

Posted by Higen

i just did a short flim clip with the ipad2 of my "studio".

It consist currently of:
Parantes means not connected up.

Apple iMac, TC Konnekt 24d
Alesis M1 Mk2, AKG K514, BeyerDynamic DT990
Akai MPD26
Emu e6400 Ultra, Novation Nova, Creamware Scope w/ Modular 3 running of a G4 Mac OS 9
Korg Karma, (Technics WSA1, Korg Electribe ES-1)

And i am also waiting for a Akai S6000 to be added into the old school of hardware :P


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Zoe OS working on OS X without SMDI support

Posted by Higen

I am adding a hack of Zoe OS that is working on OS X, without the SMDI support.
IT should be without any protection mechanisme.

you can download it from here:


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Higen – Emotional Blender

Posted by Higen

Finaly i manage to finish up the track.. it took about 5 month.. not because i was out of inspiration.. or need to find my own soul or.. that i needed to touch the skies.. etc... nop.. it was a lack of time... 3 kids just steals your day!

Maria is doing the vocals, i am speaking some rubbish.. else its a housy track in 110 bpm.. using emu for beats together with ultrabeats (from logic).. pads are also emu.. virus and nova its also there..


Current progress (1005-01)

Posted by Higen

Well.. the track are progressing..

adding a short cut midways in the tracks to show the pace and flow.. using much emu, nova and virus together..
and some post process stuff in logic.


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Some new stuff coming up

Posted by Higen

Well.. i haven't died or anything.. i have just been busy with other stuff.. anyway..
working on some new stuff... coming back to the sampling and all the fun it gives.

adding two mp3 files of different types of emu pads i am using in my current track

Marias Voice made as an pad on the emu (using regular 4-pole lowpass):

Novation Nova base sound, sampled down to the emu w/o filters and envelopes, then layred and filtered in the emu, using the 2EQ+Lowpass Morph filter:

Both are using the RFX-32 card for reverb and echo effects adding some depth to the sound..

Enjoy.. if you want the patches, mail me or drop a post.. you can get them as .e4b files

The track i am working on.. is a bit up tempo chillout i guess. 110bpm stuff...

Studio anno May 2010

AS an extra info: Psy-works.net is up AS an sampler cd Page for old samples. :)


Iphone blogging

Posted by Higen

Testing out blogging from the iPhone ... Tg is getting close, dont know how to Get time to demo...

Testing out me.com from apple.. i just had to abondon it.. it was too slow.. i could not use it for backing up my iphoto album :(, now i am testing out sugarSynch, which has iphone, pc and mac client :)


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DCS – Mage defender release

Posted by Higen

Okay.. i just wanted to blog up the release of mage defender

I have made a fast fast track for this fast fast game. :) I will add the music to the archive later on.

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Music archive is growing! now over 45 tracks

Posted by Higen


Well.. the music archive is growing bigtime! thanks to unier uploading like crazy. Please download and enjoy some old or new music.

Any comment can be written on the music-archive page!
enter the archive now

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